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Registration for Orchid Awards closes

The registration for this year's Orchid Awards has closed. As of noon on Sept. 8, the secretariat of the Orchid Awards had received 347 entries — including 33 organizations — from nearly 80 countries and regions.

Dialogue held to discuss fashion and traditional culture

​A dialogue on the modern expression of traditional culture was held in Beijing on Sunday. The event gathered Chinese and foreign scholars and designers to discuss the use of traditional Chinese cultural elements in the designs of modern apparels and accessories.

China-India Youth Dialogue held to promote exchange

The China-India Youth Dialogue was held in Beijing on Monday to promote people-to-people and cultural exchange between the two countries.

Roundtable on China's economy held in Beijing

A roundtable event invited heavyweight experts who formerly held key government positions to explain the country's economic situation and policies to foreign diplomats.

China-Brazil think tank dialogue held on global development, governance

The China-Brazil Think Tank Dialogue on Global Development and Governance was held both online and in person on April 27.

2022 'My China Story' video competition kicks off for submission

We are looking for creative video proposals/treatment from teams and individuals around the world.

South-South Cooperation Knowledge Sharing Platform goes live

The World Food Programme (WFP)-China South-South Cooperation (SSC) Knowledge Sharing Platform (www.wfpchinacoe.net) launch ceremony was held at the UN Compound.

China and Mexico embrace more opportunities to create borderless benefits

An event was hosted by the China International Communications Group (CICG) Center for the Americas—which comprises Beijing Review, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of China-Mexico diplomatic relations on March 11.

Global Economic Development Forum 2022 held in Beijing

On March 8, the Global Economic Development Forum 2022 was held in Beijing during the annual sessions of China's top legislature and political advisory body.

Foreign vloggers celebrate Chinese New Year in Dali

Foreign vloggers from Russia, the U.S., Italy, the U.K., and Egypt visited ancient architectures of the Bai ethnic group in Dali of southwest China's Yunnan province, and experienced tie-dye handicraft during an experiencing Chinese New Year event held from Feb. 13 to 16 in Dali.

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