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TAC delegation attends FIT council meeting

The International Federation of Translators (FIT) held its seventh council meeting and celebrated its 70th anniversary in Barcelona, Spain, from April 19 to 21.

Bridge of words: Esperanto deepens understanding among civilizations

Over the past six decades, China International Communications Group and its subsidiaries have been dedicated to the promotion, publication, and education of Esperanto, a language with a founding mission of promoting world peace and fostering friendship among nations.

London Book Fair begins, with huge presence of Chinese publishers

The London Book Fair, one of the world's biggest publishing trade fairs, kicked off on Tuesday with a huge presence of Chinese publishers.

2nd Beijing International Youth Forum held in Beijing

The 2nd International Youth Forum was held in Beijing on Wednesday, bringing together over 200 youth representatives, experts, and young artists to discuss topics on the theme of "Youth for a Better Future."

First Panda Cup Korean Youth Essay Contest held in Beijing

The first Panda Cup Korean Youth Essay Contest was held Friday in Beijing. The event gathered young people from South Korea to share their stories about China in a bid to foster mutual learning between the two sides.

First media forum for new emerging countries held in Deyang, Sichuan

The First New Emerging Countries International Media Forum was held in Deyang, southwestern China's Sichuan province, and Manila, the capital city of Philippines, on March 31.

Experts: Chinese modernization offers inspiration to global development

Chinese modernization has provided great wisdom and offered the world new opportunities for advancing development, officials and scholars said Monday during a forum held in Beijing.

Roundtable held to discuss China's economic outlook

A roundtable dialogue with a focus on the prospects of China's economy and China-Europe economic and trade relations was convened via video link on Friday.

Beijing-Moscow dialogue on Chinese path to modernization held

A dialogue between Beijing and Moscow on the Chinese path to modernization was held in the two cities simultaneously via video link on Friday. The event was jointly organized by the CICG Center for Europe and Asia and Russian media outlet RT.

Forum: China-Mexico ties have much potential for growth

The Center for the Americas under China International Communications Group held the China-Mexico Cooperation and Development Forum on March 10, inviting officials and experts from the two countries to share their insights on the bilateral ties.

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