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Center for Europe and Asia

The Center for Europe and Asia, or CICG Europe-Asia, is a media complex dedicated to international communication with a special focus on Central and Eastern Europe, and Central and South Asia. It was established in 2021 based on China Pictorial, a magazine launched in 1950, integrating with the relevant regional communication resources of CICG.

The center publishes and distributes China Pictorial (Chinese, English versions), China-India Dialogue (Chinese, English, Hindi), China (Russian), Belt & Road Outlook (Chinese, Russian, Kazakh), Vogue (Chinese, in cooperation with Condé Nast regarding copyright), English Corner (Chinese, English), Chinese Vision (Japanese) and other high-quality multilingual journals. It also operates websites in Chinese, English, Russian, Hindi, Kazakh and other languages, as well as more than 20 social media accounts at home and abroad, manages the China Photo Bank online photo library, and produces multi-language and multi-format media products. 

It carries out international exchanges and cooperates with countries in target regions, organizes international media think tank forums and other cultural exchange activities, establishes social connections and relationship resources, and conducts studies in regional countries. The center also manages the daily operations of its overseas offices in Central and Eastern Europe and Central and South Asia.

Website: http://china-pictorial.com.cn

Email: Europe-Asia@cicg.org.cn

Tel: 86-10-88417092; 68413023

Fax: 86-10-88417092

Address: No. 33 Chegongzhuang West Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Zip Code: 100048