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Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies

The Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies (ACCWS) is a state-level think tank specializing in the study of international communication and cooperation. Formerly known as the Center for International Communication Studies, a research institution established in 2004 under CICG, it was renamed ACCWS in 2017. The academy seeks to build itself into a high-level national and world-leading think tank and a major research platform focusing on key practical issues related to international communication.

The research of ACCWS focuses mainly on communicating Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era to overseas audiences, and studies of contemporary China and the world, China's image building, global communication strategy designing and policy planning, and international public opinion. It also coordinates research efforts on major international communication issues and handles the daily operation of CICG's center for discourse innovation. Based on a self-developed big data platform, the academy introduces and updates over 20 research products and publishes annual reports on global public opinion concerning China. Its state-level professional publications include International Communications, Chinese Translators Journal, and Contemporary China and World. 

The academy also compiles professional book series, hosts international think tank forums on global governance and cultural exchanges, and organizes national symposiums on international communication theories. It has launched the Global Young Leaders Dialogue (GYLD) program and an information-sharing scheme among global think tankers, organized the selection of best practices of the year for international communication, and published reports on the global image of both China and Chinese enterprises.

Website: www.accws.org.cn

Email: pr@accws.org.cn

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Address: No. 24 Baiwanzhuang Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

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