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Institute of International Studies and Advanced Training

The Institute of International Studies and Advanced Training (IISAT) provides training for international communication and translation professionals, and organizes international study and exchange activities. The predecessor of the IISAT is the foreign-language training base of the China International Publishing Group, which was established in 1964. In 1984, it was renamed the division of the Central Academy of Cultural Administration. In 2002, the IISAT was established.

The institute is responsible for training professionals of international communication and translation. It organizes international communication training programs, foreign aid training programs, and people-to-people and cultural exchange events. The institute undertakes major training programs assigned by higher-level authorities. It provides trainings for the continuing education of translation professionals, trainings in preparation for CATTI, and other major training programs in the translation industry. It works with central government departments, local governments, companies, colleges, and research institutions to conduct trainings in the international communication field. It also carries out a variety of training programs for CICG employees. 



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