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Academy of Translation and Interpretation

The Academy of Translation and Interpretation (ATI) gathers and integrates resources in the translations industry, and promotes the construction of a talent pool of translators and the development of the industry. The ATI is the organizer of the China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters (CATTI). The ATI has been committed to building a world-class translation organization, and selecting top-notch translation professionals across the world. The academy strives to promote both the capacity of China's translation industry and China's capacity in engaging in international communication, and works to meet the nation's demand for high-quality translation services and push forward cross-cultural communication.

The academy's main tasks include major translation projects of state leaders' publications and important national literature, Chinese-to-foreign language translation projects for major international communication programs, major research projects on translation theory and practice, promoting the formulation of industry standards and regulations, organizing accreditation tests for translators and interpreters and related overseas promotion, testing professionals' foreign language competency and reviewing translation and interpreting professional qualification nationwide. In addition to the CATTI, it also organizes the international version of the CATTI and the China International English Examination for Children (CEC), and operates the information-sharing platform for foreign languages talents in China.



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