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Blossom Press

Blossom Press was established in 1982. It is a comprehensive publishing house aiming to promote Chinese culture and deliver diverse contents to young people in China and around the world.

The main duties of Blossom Press include undertaking the publishing of traditional Chinese culture-themed books in multiple languages; conducting international cooperation by establishing over 10 overseas editorial departments of China-themed books with its counterparts in the U.S., Russia, Spain, and other countries; publishing books and digital content; holding national cultural exchange activities such as the "Dialogue between the Civilizations of China and the LAC" to promote mutual learning and cooperation between China and other countries; developing intellectual properties represented by "The Monkey King," promoting international communication, building Chinese cultural icons with enduring charm, and reaching out to the world with new business forms.

Website: zhcb.cipg.org.cn

Email: blossompress_hr@cicg.org.cn

Tel: 86-10-68995510

Fax: 86-10-68485739

Address: No.24 Baiwanzhuang Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

ZIP Code: 100037