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CICG advances international publishing of China-themed books

By Zhang Lulu   |    CICG, June 16, 2023

On Thursday, China International Communications Group (CICG) signed agreements with publishing houses from China and abroad to strengthen international cooperation on publishing China-themed books. Vice Presidents of CICG Lu Cairong and Liu Dawei attended the signing event.

A total of 18 publishing houses from China and abroad signed up to join the cooperation mechanism, including the Shanghai Century Publishing Group from China and the Cengage Group from the U.S. This marked the first membership expansion of the cooperation mechanism since its inception three years ago.

Lu Cairong, vice president of China International Communications Group (CICG), addresses a signing ceremony for international publishing cooperation in Beijing on June 15, 2023. [Photo/CICG]

In his address at the signing ceremony, Lu Cairong acknowledged the expansion and notable achievements of the network of the cooperation mechanism over the past three years. He called for more targeted efforts to plan and publish China-themed books that have strong readability, fresh content, and a unique perspective. He also suggested using new technologies to empower and innovate the international publishing of China-themed books on all fronts.

An international publishing cooperation center, initiated by China International Communications Group (CICG), is launched in Beijing on June 15, 2023. [Photo/CICG]

An international publishing cooperation center was launched the same day, which will be operated by Foreign Languages Press, a subsidiary of CICG.