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Announcement of CICG on the Selection of the Orchid Awards

CICG, August 20, 2022

The Orchid Awards (hereinafter referred to as "the Awards"), established by China International Communications Group (CICG), seeks to consolidate the cultural foundation for building a global community of shared future, promote the common values of humanity, and facilitate cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world and mutual learning among global civilizations. The Awards shall target cultural sectors in a broad sense and commend and reward non-Chinese nationals or organizations worldwide that have participated in the cause of international cultural exchanges and have committed to promoting cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world and mutual learning between Chinese and other civilizations. The Awards shall select winners in a professional, authoritative, fair and open manner. 

CICG has now carried out the collection of the Award entry forms in 2022. The announcements on relevant matters are as follows:

I. Organization

Host: China International Communications Group

Organizer: China Center for International Communication Development

II. Categories & Quotas

The Awards shall be bestowed on non-Chinese nationals or organizations worldwide in three categories, namely Lifetime Honorary Prize, Outstanding Achievement Prize and Friendship Envoy Prize, and based on achievements, contributions and international influence. In 2022, the Awards shall be presented to eight to ten individuals or organizations.

III. Eligibility

Potential candidates shall meet the following requirements:

1. Demonstrate international vision and authentic love for humanity, uphold the common values of humanity, and act on the vision of a global community of shared future;

2. Work in cultural sectors in a broad sense, including but not limited to literature, art, film and television, publishing, translation, education, science and technology, health, media, folk culture, digital culture, and people-to-people exchanges;

3. Actively engage in international cultural exchanges, make representative, marked and leading achievements in related fields, and demonstrate certain international influence.

IV. Entry & Application

1. Nomination by an organization

Relevant Chinese and foreign institutions, international organizations, Chinese embassies and consulates abroad, foreign embassies and consulates in China, and relevant Chinese and foreign non-governmental organizations in cultural sectors in a broad sense are all eligible to nominate potential candidates.

2. Self-nomination

Non-Chinese nationals or organizations can perform self-nomination by submitting application documents with written recommendations from two pundits or dignitaries in relevant fields.

Application documents shall be sent to the Secretariat. Please download and fill out the entry form on the Awards page and email it and other documents to orchids2022@cicg.org.cn before the deadline. Please submit application by September 7, 2022. Late submissions will not be accepted.

V. Winners

CICG will organize an Expert Committee consisting of both Chinese and foreign professionals and its members will select winners. The list of winners shall be disclosed on the official CICG website and shall be officially announced at an awards ceremony.

VI. Contact the secretariat

Tel: Diqiu  Zhu + 86-010-68996119

Fei  Jiao + 86-010-68995944

Fax: + 86-010-68337118

Email: orchids2022@cicg.org.cn

Address: No.24 Baiwanzhuang Avenue, Xicheng District, Beijing

China International Communications Group

August 19, 2022

Annex: 1. Orchid Awards Rules

            2. Selection Measures for Inaugural Orchid Awards

            3. Orchid Awards Information Registration Forms